TV: “The red bracelets” back for a second season

Tv: «Les bracelets rouges

Anthony Therrien and Audrey Roger in “Les bracelets rouges”.

As the Red Bracelets grand finale airs tonight, the TVA network confirmed on Tuesday that the popular Yan England-directed series will return for a second season in winter 2023.

Starring Audrey Roger, Anthony Therrien, Noah Parker, Milya Corbeil-Gauvreau, Malick Babin, Léanne Désilets and Étienne Galloy, Les bracelets rouges tells the story of a group of seven teenagers all hospitalized for different reasons.

The fiction adapted from a Catalan concept was written by Michel Brouillette and Stéphanie Perreault. The title of the series refers to the red bracelet given to young people as a symbol of courage when they have to undergo an operation.

The first season ofRed Bracelets has been hailed by audiences and critics alike for its humanity and light. The finale, broadcast this evening at 8 p.m., promises to be moving. The other episodes of the series are available for online catch-up.

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