TV: why are millennials tripping on 'Scoop'?

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<p> Some key characters from “Scoop” </p>
<p>Thirty years after the broadcast of <em>Scoop</em>, young adults watch with fascination this series by Réjean Tremblay and Fabienne Larouche which explores the journalism. How to explain this enthusiasm? <em>Métro</em> surveyed four aficionados.</p>
<p>In January 1992, <em>Scoop</em> conquered the television airwaves by recounting the frantic daily life of <em>reporters. Express</em>played notably by Macha Grenon, Roy Dupuis, Martin Drainville, Charlotte Laurier, Rémy Girard, Francine Ruel, Michel Barrette and France Castel.</p>
<p>This TV phenomenon is now attracting a generation that was too young to follow its many adventures at the time. Here's why <em>Scoop</em> is still worth the detour in 2022.</p>
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It's amazing how the subjects covered by the fictional journalists of the series are still so glaringly topical 30 years later. It speaks in particular of systemic racism, sexual assault, homelessness and immigration, all with many nuances.  

“It's aging very well,” says Marie-Pier Allard, a Quebec TV enthusiast who works as an author and researcher in this field.

Editor Marie-Claude Pouliot recently devoured the 52 episodes of Scoop. Like many others of her generation, she did not expect the series to be of such high quality. “I imagined something a little vulgar, a little cheap, but no! The characters are endearing, supportive and passionate about their profession.”

Scoop, it's also a course in media literacy, given that the series conveys the highs and lows of a newsroom rather faithfully. “It gives a good overview of what the job of journalist is. We understand that they really take their work to heart, that they think about what they publish. It's still relevant,” says the editor, who also does press relations as part of her job.

A five-star distribution stars

Impossible to talk about Scoop without mentioning its castfive stars – or rather 20 stars, so many talents have starred in this series. In addition to the performers named above, there are several secondary characters played by great artists, including Rita Lafontaine, Donald Pilon, Danielle Proulx and Denis Bernard.

“We discovered Fanny Mallette in particular in this series! It was her first role, even before she went to theater school, ”says Marie-Pier Allard. “In one episode, Suzanne Clément plays a very small role of barely 10 seconds!” Marie-Claude Pouliot is surprised.

At the heart of Scoopis the character of Stéphanie Rousseau (Macha Grenon), a talented, intelligent and ambitious young journalist. A strong female role model who has inspired several young women, including head researcher Stéphanie Pouliot. “I projected myself into her a lot. She was a strong woman, she dared to stand up to her father, she broke down barriers and she had ambition.”

The rest of the cast is just as endearing. Marie-Claude Pouliot is particularly fond of Lionel “Cercueil” Rivard (Rémy Girard). “He brings a whole reflection on alcoholism, homosexuality, the obsession with work… We have the taste that he is doing well!”

Exciting adventures

Dramas and scandals follow one another at high speed in Scoop, which keeps the audience in suspense. “I found everything that happened in the newsroom very impressive,” recalls Stéphanie Pouliot. It was always in action. It was screaming: “We kill the front page!”

Among the highlights of the series, she cites with emotion the kidnapping of Stéphanie Rousseau. “I had nightmares for weeks about this!”

Really, it was all in full swing. Nothing was easy. No character was secondary in their contribution to the story. It was a great series.

Marie-Pier Allard, television author and follower of Scoop

The scenes of sexuality are also among the most striking of Scoop. Director Mathieu Morin was particularly marked by the love story between Manon Berthiaume (Sophie Lorain) and René Gagnon (François Dumoulin). “They were jumping on each other all the time. For a child, it was the equivalent of watching Midnight Blue!” he recalls laughing.

The scene of Léonne Vigneault's (Francine Ruel) dressing gown lovingly warmed in the dryer is also often cited by fans of the series. “It embodied romanticism at its peak,” maintains Marie-Pier Allard.

Cinematographic quality

The filming of Scoop took place in the field, like the journalistic work staged in the series. George Mihalka's production stands out for its cinematic quality. “We felt that there were ways, it was really big TV,” says Marie-Pier Allard.

Mathieu Morin cites as an example a tracking shot in the first season, when Michel (Roy Dupuis) ​​has a head wound stitched up in prison. “It wasn't done on TV at the time,” he said. The same goes for the magnificent filming locations, the big exterior sequences… It's really cinema that we saw with Scoop.”

The second season of Scoop is currently airing on Unis TV Thursdays at 10 p.m. and online. The complete series is available on DVD.

A cult soundtrack

It's a safe bet that even if you've never watched a single episode of Scoop, you'll recognize its hyper-catchy theme song, whose piano notes underpin the many tense moments in the screen. “The music was completely crazy”, maintains Mathieu Morin, who compares the opening signature to those, mythical, of the American shows Twilight Zone and Unsolved Mysteries. p>

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