Twice entrenched in the midget AAA, Roy enters the QMJHL

Twice entrenched in the midget AAA, Roy enters the QMJHL

Jean-Raphaël Roy surprised the Phoenix staff by carving out a job with the organization after being drafted in the 12th round this summer.

Share September 8, 2020 8:22 p.m. Share Twice entrenched in the midget AAA, Roy enters the QMJHLTwice entrenched in the midget AAA, Roy enters the QMJHL

Jérôme Gaudreau La Tribune There are some inspiring stories for the next generation. Like that of Jean-Raphaël Roy. The tenacity will have allowed this player drafted in the 12th round to access the QMJHL. And this, after being cut off twice by the Chevaliers de Lévis in the midget AAA.

“I had dropped the idea of midget AAA if I was cut off by the Phoenix, admits the striker who will soon be 17 years old. For two years, the Knights didn't want me, so I had prepared a plan B. I mostly looked towards Bishop's College School. “

It is therefore with relief that the native of Saint-Georges learned the news this weekend.

“I knew it was on Sunday morning. The day before, I was stressed. I had a hard time sleeping. I was so happy to learn that I was staying with the team. I didn't realize it at the time and the more the days go by, the more I realize it. I put a lot of effort into hockey and finally, I am rewarded. I worked a lot on myself. Despite everything that happens to me, I remain humble in it all, but I am very proud today. “

Jean-Raphaël Roy has worked hard in training in addition to having somewhat changed his mentality and his way of playing during the last season with the Élites de Beauce-Appalaches in the midget hope.

“I was captain in my first season with the Elite at 15, but I wanted to focus on my role on the ice the following year. I decided to leave my role as captain to become an assistant. I've always been a more defensive player and last year I gained confidence on offense and produced a lot more. I then trained on the ice with Simon Larouche at his camp in Beauce with several major junior players and I also trained for crossfit in Saint-Georges. I worked hard to get ready. “

And the result was more than satisfactory.

“I liked my camp. I didn't expect to make the team. It’s a nice surprise. I worked hard this summer. I arrived with the intention of staying. I couldn't control the Phoenix's decision, but I could do my best in camp and that's what I did. “

Surprised, especially because Roy was drafted in the 12th round during the last selection session in the QMJHL.

“When I got to the 10th round, I wondered if I was going to relive the same thing as last year. I was ignored in 2019 and when I saw my name appear on the QMJHL website, I was so excited. My father shouted for joy I think! I will obviously have to work on my skate again at the start of the season. I will have a period of adaptation to go through and I will train again hard. “

For starters, Roy expects to fill a secondary role on the fourth line and wants to climb the ranks one by one.

“I like to play tough,” says the 6'2, 200-pound player. It's my style of play. I liked doing it in the midget hope. I like to get involved in the game and if I have to drop the gloves after my body checks I will. In fact, I will do anything to see the Phoenix win once again, ”he sums up.

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