Two new photo exhibitions on Mont-Royal Avenue

Two new photo exhibitions on avenue du Mont-Royal

One of the 10 photographs by Paul Lewis exhibited on avenue du Mont-Royal

From June 10 to September 5, 2023, two photo exhibitions under the theme of the meeting are presented on Avenue du Mont-Royal. The former dean of the Faculty of Environmental Design at UdeM Paul Lewis presents 10 photos between Berri and St-Hubert, while the studio of image creators SHOOT presents 15 photos between Chambord and Lanaudière.

< p>In one of the photographs of Paul Lewis, who describes himself as a “street” or “wandering” photographer, we can see an orange cone abandoned in a Montreal alley, in front of a door where a red heart is painted.

“Paul Lewis revisits the common that unites everyday life, and is never as banal as one would like to believe. We must stop there, be attentive to the ramifications that it ties in us: common good, public transport, common names, common causes, common places… where the meeting can be done”, specifies the press release announcing the start of the exhibitions. .

Although the artist abandoned photography for many years, he returned to it when digital technology made its appearance.

As for the street exhibition of the SHOOT studio, it brings together the photographs and words of 15 artists who tell a story drawn from their memories of encounters or from their imagination. “Physical or imaginary, the meeting point is where everything can begin, where everything is possible. The beginning of an exploration, where the moment, the anecdote, the experience converge…”, we say.

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