Two women should recognize the rampage of a rented condo

Two women should recognize the rampage of a rented condo

Alyson Jalbert-Lamoureux

Share November 5, 2020 5:01 p.m. Share Two women should recognize the rampage of a rented condoTwo women should recognize the rampage of a rented condo

René-Charles Quirion La Tribune Two women from Granby who had ransacked a condo rented on Airbnb in Sherbrooke in January 2019 should plead guilty to the charges against them.

The names of Alyson Jalbert-Lamoureux and Carolanne Malet were back on Thursday on the criminal role before Judge Claire Desgens of the Court of Quebec.

Only Alyson Jalbert-Lamoureux was present at the Sherbrooke courthouse.

“We would have been ready to dispose of the file,” explained defense lawyer Samuel Bouchard.

Alyson Jalbert-Lamoureux has opted for a trial in the Court of Quebec, but is expected to plead guilty to the charges against her.

Me Bouchard asked the court that time before the Tribunal be set aside to make observations on the sentence on December 9.

“We spoke with Madame Malet this week. But we haven't had any further news. We had discussions to dispose ”, explains Me Élise Henderson, who represented the defense lawyer Me Mireille Leblanc.

Before the court last September, the two women had expressed this intention to reimburse the amount of the damage caused.

Part of the damage had been reimbursed by Airbnb, but an amount remains to be paid to the victim for the totality of the damage.

The two women are accused of causing approximately $ 7,000 in damage to rented accommodation on Triest Street in January 2019.

Charges of theft of more than $ 5,000 and concealment of stolen objects in a condo on Triest Street that they had reserved between January 4 and 6, 2019 are brought against the two women of Granby.

It was the owner of the premises who noticed that something was wrong when she passed near her condo.

She had noticed that a window was wide open in the middle of January. The door was cleared and several items were missing. She kept beauty equipment in her home. She found that the two passing tenants had helped themselves and that they had digged into all her valuables ranging from clothes, to handbags to electronic devices.

Some items had been for sale on Facebook.

It was an investigation by the Sherbrooke police service that allowed us to trace back to the two accused.

In an email exchange with La Tribune, Airbnb recalled when filing the charges that responsible sharing was essential and that negative incidents were incredibly rare.

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