UdeS postpones the start of winter

UdeS postpones the start of winter

The Université de Sherbrooke is postponing the start of the winter school year.

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Isabelle Pion La Tribune The University of Sherbrooke is postponing the start of winter. The institution announced to its students that in order to grant them a period of respite, it “will extend the break period between the fall and winter terms” by postponing the start of the winter session to January 11. for the majority of study programs. The institution's psychology and guidance service has also seen a significant increase in its services.

Only a few programs are not affected by this postponement of a few days, the start of classes being initially scheduled for January 5.

“These are exceptions”, notes the vice-rector for studies Christine Hudon, giving the example of medicine or the programs where the internships were going to begin.

UdeS has also indicated that the end date of the winter term remains unchanged; it must end by April 30 at the latest. Spring break will take place from March 1 to 5 as planned.

“Even if we start on January 11, we have plenty of time to do it. We are in a particular context, that of the pandemic, ”said Ms. Hudon, noting that the management's initiative had been well received by both the student community and the unions. “It will give a little air. “

As for this session, UdeS intends to invest as much as possible on face-to-face courses this winter, while offering a hybrid formula to its students.

More consultations

In addition, the psychology and guidance service of UdeS has seen a significant increase in its provision of services and appointments, according to data provided by the institution.

Between the start of 2019 and 2020, this increase stands at 19%, “with an increased increase for psychological services”.

The increase is 21% for therapeutic follow-ups and 26% for occasional consultations. These data were collected during the period of August 24 to October 31.

The number of appointments offered increased from 1091 to 1294, for all campuses and departments combined.

“What the professionals of my team share with me is that we do not receive cases – or there are not many – for whom specifically it is the pandemic which is the cause of their distress or their distress. However, for those who live with the issues for which they consulted, the pandemic has accentuated the level of tension and distress. It is as if, when there are underlying problems, it makes them even more difficult, because the current context deprives us of coping strategies, especially in terms of social support that we cannot get at home. relatives, friends … All that people have less access to at the moment, and this is true for the entire population, ”indicates Bruno Collard, director of the psychology and guidance service.

“Professionals also bear witness, unanimously, to a significantly growing distress for the students they meet,” the institution said by email, noting that the increase is explained by an increase in heaviness and the complexity of the cases.

The UdeS also notes that the rate of cancellation of appointments by students, which is around 10% in general, has dropped drastically. It is barely 3% for current consultations. When an appointment is offered, very few will cancel it.

In orientation, requests have not increased, but the process takes longer, says Mr. Collard.

“The questions are more important. There are those for whom the current context adds a very large dose of uncertainty, in relation to the choice of career, to the outlets. When the courses are mainly given online, for some, it is more difficult to hang on, to develop a feeling of belonging. Contact with professors is more difficult, ”he says, recalling that it is for all these reasons that UdeS has decided to rely on face-to-face, especially with first year students.

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