Ultra Nan's work on climate will not be exhibited at city council

Ultra Nan's work on climate will not be on display at city council

Several elected officials had highlighted the deposit of a work by 1,800 children concerned about climate change by agreeing to take a souvenir photo.

Share September 18, 2020 5:31 p.m. Updated at 7:26 p.m. Share Ultra Nan's climate work will not be exhibited at City CouncilUltra Nan's work on climate will not be on display at city council

Jonathan Custeau La Tribune The painting by Sherbrooke artist Ultra Nan signed by 1,800 young people and donated to city council by Urgence Climat Sherbrooke will not be exhibited in the council room. However, it could be installed in City premises, for example at the Environment Office. At least that is the recommendation of the Commission des arts visuels.

The work had been unveiled in February when Urgence Climat Sherbrooke invited the City to indicate in each of its decision-making aid documents the environmental impact of projects that must be approved by elected officials.

“We decided, since it cannot be part of the Sherbrooke art collection, to see if we can project a photo of the work among the photos that parade during our council meetings. We are looking at the possibility of installing this work in one of the City's offices, for example, in the premises of the Environment Office ”announced Councilor Paul Gingues, President of the Visual Arts Commission.

Her colleague Évelyne Beaudin was disappointed with this decision. “Many children had come to the city council and wanted to see it displayed. I can understand that the visual arts commission takes a very artistic look according to the norms and standards of the field. I don't want to relaunch the very thorny debate, but we decided to keep the crucifix, saying that it was art and that it was important. For me, this work is very important for its symbolism. I wanted to suggest that we could review all of the works displayed in the municipal council. “

Ms. Beaudin describes the city council as austere. “If we rotated, we could display Ultra Nan's work and we wouldn't have to keep it forever. “

Annie Gobdout concurred in the same direction. “We understand that there was an expert eye. It is the symbolism that must be remembered. What I would suggest is to put the work on an easel for the remainder of the term. For me, it's also important for every decision we make that we are aware of the environmental issues involved. We could improve our decision summaries. It is a rigorous way to make an informed decision. “

Mayor Steve Lussier specifies that the final council decision has not been taken as to the place the work will occupy and that it could even be installed in the council chamber.

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