Unanimous vote for better access to GHB testing

Unanimous vote for better access to GHB testing

Manon Massé, co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire.

The spokesperson for Québec solidaire, Manon Massé, unanimously passed a motion on Tuesday committing the government to ensuring better access to GHB testing throughout Québec.

“I am very happy that the National Assembly adopted my motion unanimously. This is a gain for women and men who find themselves distraught following intoxication. Drugging someone against their will is criminal,” Ms. Massé said.

Recently, cases of people being drugged without their knowledge have appeared in the media, pointing out that testing is often unavailable. , despite the request of the victims. The most recent case concerns the singer Ariane Brunet, who claimed on Instagram to have been drugged, probably with GHB, while attending a show with friends on May 30 .

We must give women the means to be tested everywhere in the territory. This is necessary if we want to document this issue and allow the authorities to catch criminals. We owe it to the victims.

Manon Massé

According to the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS), there are currently 89 “centres designated to offer medico-social intervention to victims of sexual assault” in Quebec. In Montreal, it is only at the CLSC Metro, the Montreal General Hospital and the Notre-Dame Hospital that adults can benefit from these services.

Always according to the MSSS , a total of 1,441 medical examinations were billed to the RAMQ in 2021, for patients who were allegedly victims of sexual assault.

Excerpt from the motion presented to the National Assembly

That the National Assembly be concerned about the information presented in several reports reporting the increase in cases of women drugged without their knowledge by a “rape drug” such as GHB or other derivatives;
That it take note that screening tests are not systematically carried out for women who believe they have been drugged without their knowledge;
That she stresses that one of the challenges in detecting GHB is its short lifespan;
That it note that the lack of data does not allow the authorities to have a report on the situation of this crime in Quebec;
That it also notes that means of prevention such as anti-drug lids are tools that deserve to be more widely popularized;
That the National Assembly ask the government to ensure that anyone who so requests or whose symptoms are similar to GHB intoxication can be screened, and that the equipment necessary for this screening be distributed in all hospitals.

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