“Unbearable long embraces”: thirty-year-olds in search of the absolute

“Unbearable long &eacute ;hugs”: thirties in search of absolute” /></p>
<p> Marc Beaupré, Simon Lacroix, Christine Beaulieu and Joanie Guérin in Unbearable long embraces. </p>
<p>What an immersive and fascinating theatrical experience to have at the Prospero Theater in front of the play <em>Unbearable long embraces</em>! </p>
<p>Director Philippe Cyr signs his first play since he was appointed artistic director of the theater in 2021. And he is doing it big. He brings together on stage Christine Beaulieu, with whom he had collaborated on <em>J'aime Hydro</em>, as well as Marc Beaupré, Joanie Guérin and Simon Lacroix, to interpret a text by Russian playwright Ivan Viripaev.   </p>
<p>In <em>Unbearable long embraces</em>, we<em> </em>follows, from New York to Berlin, four thirtysomethings, who, in deep questioning and in search of the absolute, try to fill their existential void with all kinds of excess. </p>
<p>Recited times in a distanced and very intense way, with a lot of audacity and, above all, originality, the text has a very particular construction. Stories and narratives constantly intertwine, in a fragmented way, but still clear. This buzz of words turns out to be dense, vertiginous.  </p>
<p>The abyssal questions of mystical, even cosmic significance, and the small banalities of everyday life come together in the text, all coated with a good dose of humor. We can be unsettled, but we also laugh a lot. </p>
<p>Much of the success of the play is based on its excellent actors, who arrive in a convincing and very entertaining way at deliver such a text. The performances are all the more impressive in that the performance of the performers is extremely physical, all in movement, contortion, rolling, hugging and even a few dance steps.  </p>
<p>Finally, and this is probably what elevates the play to such a high level, the staging is not far from masterful. Everything contributes to creating a dazzling spectacle: the music, the play on sounds, the distortions of voices, the brilliant costumes, the magnificent work on the light, the singular scenography. A “WOW” effect inevitably emanates from it and makes these <em>Unbearable long embraces</em> a play that is difficult to forget.</p>
<p>At the Prospero Theater until April 22.</p>

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