Unknowingly enrolled in Love is in the meadow

Initially, Julien did not want to know anything about participating in Love is in the meadow. It was his friends who registered him without his knowledge. After some compelling calls for production, the Dudswell farmer finally agreed to embark on the television adventure that ultimately turned out to be “a stimulating experience that [kicked] me behind”.

R églons immediately the question: no, The Tribune is not known if Julien is now happy couple. “I would say absolutely nothing about it,” laughs the Dudswellois, who can not reveal anything about the content of future episodes.

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Reality TV has been on the air since January. The shooting of V’s most watched show, however, took place a few months earlier, in October. Three pretenders previously chosen by Julien spent a week on the farm where he works. The farmer then went to spend a day with two of his contenders. Then, he flew for a week in a destination trip with the finalist.

“I’ve watched the show in the past because it’s true that it’s problematic for a farmer to meet someone, but I never thought about participating. I’m a lonely nature so it has forced me out of my comfort zone because you have to expose a part of your privacy, “admits Julien, who has agreed to receive La Tribune at home.

“Breathe Julien”

When he talks about the shooting of the show, Julien has a smile on his face. Especially when he tells the filming of the first episode while the five farmers looking for the soul mate meet in turn five suitors in a formula of speed dating.

“I was really stressed. I arrived at the scene and there were about twenty people, several cameras. It was big! At that moment I really wondered why I had agreed to participate in the show. When we started shooting, I just stopped breathing, laughs Julien. Marie-Ève ​​Janvier was at my side and she kept telling me ” breathe Julien ”. Finally, we decided to restart the catch. ”

On the farm, the technicians of L’amour is in the meadow were busy 12 hours a day. The result of these shooting days translates into more or less seven minutes of television content per broadcast.

“The editing is well done, it allows to follow the story for the viewer, even if for me some elements seemed de-contextualized,” said the native of Bas-Saint-Laurent.

Kick in the behind

during the first episodes, Julian emphasized several times that he has no past love. During the filming, he went from single to story without coveted object for three contenders.

“It was intimidating at first to have the girls at home. But knowing that they had an interest for me helped me. And I would not have thought that at first, but the context of the show was beneficial to my personality. It forced me to open to girls when I’m usually reserved. It was a good kick in the back for me, admits the one who studied architecture, engineering and biology before finally endorsing the job of farmer.

“I’m someone who thinks a lot, maybe too much when it comes to seduction. For the purposes of the show, I was “forced” to go to the girls and it was positive, “continues Julien.

In the end, does he want his friends to have secretly registered or thank them?

” No! It was super stimulating as an experience. Will I do it again? Yes, I think so. ”

The first six seasons of Love in the Meadow have formed ten unions from which 17 children are born.

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