Unlimited general strike at the Casino de Montréal

Grève gé unlimited strike at the Casino de Montréal


The croupiers and croupiers of the Casino de Montreal launched an unlimited general strike on Saturday morning to denounce negotiations at a “stalled point” concerning the renewal of their collective agreement.

Health, safety at work or even the thorny question of salary are among the points that have still not been clarified by the management of Loto-Québec. The croupiers and dealers, who went on strike twice last week, set up a picket outside the casino at 2 p.m. to express their dissatisfaction.

Despite the strike, the casino's activities continue, indicated Loto-Québec adding that the poker room will however remain closed.

The number of people who suffer from occupational injuries is dazzling. We demand a better arrangement of time worked and time off to avoid injuries.

Jean-Pierre Proulx, CUPE union representative

For its part, Loto-Québec explains in a press release that it offers safe working conditions to its employees. “However, Casino de Montreal croupiers require 30 minutes of paid break for each hour worked. They would therefore spend more than 30% of their shift on a paid break, which is unusual in the industry and the other casinos of the Company”, specifies the management.

As regards wages, the employer's proposal would “reduce their remuneration to the level that prevailed in 2017”, according to the union. As for Loto-Québec, it says it offers “an entry salary that is more than 20% above the reference market”.

Management says it is “disappointed” that the union is starting a strike when “all the elements necessary to reach an agreement were accessible”.

The collective agreement for dealers and croupiers has not been renewed since March 31, 2020.

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