“Untouched Land”: A parenthesis of poetry

One is an actress, another circus artist. But having seen the first show of Maude Boutin St-Pierre and Erika Hagen-Veilleux, we say that the two creators are also a little (many!) Wizards. With “Untouched Land alias Toi pis your solitude in dehydrated sachet”, these days they propose to Premier Acte a parenthesis of poetry built with great ingenuity.
C ette The first proposal of collective bambines (the duo Boutin St-Pierre and Hagen-Veilleux took charge of the text, the staging and interpretation) leads in the major North Shore areas, where two young women in search of solitude, but especially of themselves, will be called to tame each other. In a society where the backpacking initiatory journey has been schooled and where the proverb has been elevated to the fact that “travel is youth,” the premise is not new. It is rather in her way of exploiting it that childhood friends bring her freshness, who make the bet to combine theater, circus arts, music, slam and dance, in addition to multiplying the visual discoveries. and sound to bring life to their universe.


Not bad everything opposes from the outset the protagonists of Untouched Land . One is already impregnated with the place, the other land there like a tornado. One is calm, the other is a bundle of nerves. One expresses itself more in music and with his body, the other is a mill with lyrics. One wants holy peace, the other wants to break the isolation that weighs on his shoulders quickly. One has settled in a clean circle, the other has stacked objects that provide comfort in a well filled rectangle. Because of the hostile elements and a mutual curiosity, they will come to hold out their hand, to understand each other, to see that they are actually not so different in their desire for better.

By using sound loops they create live, the two friends ensure a musical presence almost ubiquitous and very timely: it comes out with the desire to hear more creations Erika Hagen-Veilleux. They are also ace of sound effects (their campfire and thunderstorms are particularly successful). And as much of the subject of this multidisciplinary show goes through the movement, their bodies are put to much use: there is this confrontation that finally allows the wheel Cyr Erika to actually go into action, these segments choreographed – sometimes evoking the opposition and later the support – or those moments when Maude ventures and passes close to playing acrobats.

Between this very contemplative and peaceful departure at the sound of Erika’s breathing and those frantic and often funny chapters worn by Maude (the tirade on social networks is worth its weight in gold), between Impressionist paintings and others more Down to earth, Untouched Land skillfully puts on the contrasts to highlight a reflection on the passage to adulthood, on the effect that an exterior change of scenery can have on an inner journey.

The show Untouched Land aka Toi pis ta solitude in dehydrated sachet is presented to Premier Acte until March 23rd.

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