Uplå: a “village” in the trees 40 minutes from Montreal!

Uplå: a “village” in the trees 40 minutes from Montreal!

The facilities of Uplå, the new aerial park of Arbraska, as the crow flies.

Want to run in the treetops, 20 feet above the ground, like Tarzan or Naruto Uzumaki? Well, the new village and aerial course Uplå by Arbraska will be perfect for you. No need to wait long, as it will open in June 2022 in Mont-Saint-Grégoire.

Less than an hour from Montreal, this large aerial adventure park includes seven unique, totally safe areas to travel without a harness and all year round. All perched in the trees!

For the Tarzans of this world, we suggest the universe of nets connected to each other with several trampolines, including one with two floors.

More in a contemplativevibe? Head to the village in the trees, where you can explore a network of seven houses thanks to a pretty labyrinth of suspension bridges.

Of course, slides, tunnels, lookouts and secret passages add to the attraction for a little challenge quite zen in the middle of nature.

The whole thing takes about two hours to do for a cost of $20 per adult and all the facilities are also accessible to everyone. There are even rest areas and access ramps on site!

In short, it's a perfect activity for young and old who want to take a breath of fresh air… and maybe be living their dream as a ninja or as a child of the man who will reach the rainbow.

Tickets for June 2022 are on sale now here.

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