Vabbing, the sexual and dubious phenomenon of TikTok

The vabbing, the sexual and dubious phenomenon of TikTok

We will not go through four paths: “vabbing” consists of coating oneself with vaginal secretions. The goal: to attract potential partners to your bed with this so-called “intoxicating” house fragrance.

If you're one of those people who scroll for long hours on TikTok, you've probably seen a few unusual trends: eating cereal out of your friend's mouth, grating teeth with a nail file and… the vabbing.  

We won't go through four paths: vabbingconsists of coating oneself with vaginal secretions. The goal: to attract potential partners to their bed with this so-called “intoxicating” homemade perfume.  

The phenomenon popularized on the platform of the hour therefore involves picking your own nectar naturally produced by the female sex – ideally with her fingers – in order to reapply it to the skin in various places, such as the back of the neck and the wrists. Convenient when we forgot to spray ourselves with our I love Dior before I go to work, don't I? 

Why does this term? Va for vagina (vagina) and bbing for dabbing, which means to dab. The term was coined by a listener of the American podcast Secret Keepers Club in 2018 and resurfaced on TikTok in recent weeks. 

But what kind of bouquet does this new genre perfume offer? According to people who practice vabbing, it smells what it is: vaginal secretions, that is to say, not much, with a few variations, depending on the pH of the person.

The attraction lies above all in the pheromonal functions of these secretions. Because, yes, according to the followers, the vaginal liquid would include pheromones, these chemical substances secreted by the body which are released in the air and which serve as a messenger. In animals, for example, pheromones are produced by animals in danger to signal to others an imminent risk or to communicate their sexual availability for reproduction. However, the impacts of pheromones on humans have not yet been sufficiently proven, according to the scientific community. 

Some tiktok women have nevertheless mentioned having achieved their intimate goals thanks to vabbing

Trend to a few million clicks 

The current enthusiasm for the trend is attributable to tiktoker Mandy Lee who posted a video about the phenomenon a few weeks ago, touting the success of the maneuver she tested.  

On the platform, we find the hashtags #vabbingperfume 13.6 million times, #vabbingtrend 7.9 million times and #vabbingtiktok 5.5 million times. 

Obviously, many cited the trend to ridicule it, accusing it of being unsanitary.   

So, do we try or not? A few international doctors have warned followers. Gynecologist Paraskevi Dimitriadi claimed in an interview with the Daily Mail that vabbing can lead to infections and even serious skin lesions.  

If you still want to try it, the pros call for caution and advise at the very least washing your hands beforehand. 

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