Valérie Plante will take steps for the decriminalization of drugs

Val&rie Plante will take steps for the decriminalization of drugs

Valérie Plante

During a meeting with some thirty community organizations, which was held on Wednesday, the Mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, is committed to taking steps with Ottawa for the decriminalization of drugs, according to information gathered by Le Devoir.

These are representatives of groups having took part in said private meeting at City Hall who indicated to Devoir that the Mayor is committed to implementing the next steps so that the possession of small quantities of hard drugs is not no longer considered a criminal offence.

This is already the case in British Columbia, where a pilot project has been underway since the beginning of the year. It will run until January 2026, after which the effectiveness of the pilot project will be evaluated by Ottawa.

Decriminalization of drugs is believed to save lives by reducing the number of drug overdoses . “Everyone knows that drug decriminalization reduces the number of fatal overdoses, makes it easier for people who use drugs to access services, stops the spread of HIV and hepatitis C and reduces stigma. associated with consumption”, explained in particular the director general of the Quebec Association for the promotion of the health of people who use drugs, Chantal Montmorency. Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante signed the global agreement the 2014 Paris Declaration to end the HIV epidemic by 2030.

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