Valoris employees join the CSN

Valoris employees join the CSN

The 24 employees of the intermunicipal board of the Valoris residual materials recovery center have just obtained their union accreditation from the CSN.

Share October 5, 2020 Updated October 6, 2020 at 9:20 a.m. Share Valoris employees join the CSNValoris employees join the CSN

René-Charles Quirion La Tribune Sherbrooke – The 24 employees of the Régie intermunicipale of the center for the recovery of residual materials in Haut-Saint-François and Sherbrooke – Valoris have just obtained their accreditation from the CSN from the court of job.

The Valoris – CSN workers union will now have to choose an executive and begin negotiations to ratify a first collective agreement.

“We will quickly hold this general assembly so that the members can choose their executive. Subsequently, other meetings will be held to establish priorities, ”explains the president of the CSN in Estrie, Denis Beaudin.

On September 10, the employees filed an application under the Labor Code to be represented by the CSN.

“It was clear that they wanted to come together for the purpose of collective bargaining. Each employee had an individual employment contract which could create certain inequalities. The desire was to find a common understanding. We received a warm welcome from the employer. We could succeed in presenting a collective agreement quickly, that is to say by next spring ”, indicates Denis Beaudin.

The sorters, the drivers, the electromechanics as well as the housekeeping staff have filed an application with the administrative labor tribunal to represent them. The decision was rendered on September 30.

“The employees who came to ask us to represent them mentioned that they had chosen us because we are present in the field and that we have expertise in the municipal sector where we represent several employees,” says Denis Beaudin.

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