Véronique Cloutier “bitch” assumed at the Gémeaux Awards

Véronique Cloutier &laquo ;bitch” assumed at the Prix Gémeaux

Véronique Cloutier hosts the Prix Gémeaux 2022

“Scandalissimo!” is the expression we will remember from the opening number of the Prix Gémeaux gala which mixed humor, music and dance. With nothing to lose in the face of the decline of televised galas, Véronique Cloutier, who is at the helm of this 37th edition, has targeted various stars with the stated aim of causing a scandal.

“If it's to be the death of the galas, bring me a couple to the grave with me”, launched Véronique Cloutier at the start of the ceremony which rewards the talents of the small screen on Sunday evening .

But considering her criticisms were not bad enough, several artists, including José Gaudet and Guy Jodoin, stopped the host in the middle of the “roast” to help her sting better.

The public was also treated to a number with the great winner of the last season of Canada’s Got Talent, Saguenéenne singer Jeanick Fournier. “The TV flutters,” she sang, surely an allusion to the expression used in Occupation Double Greece.

The opening number also had a nod to Naadei’s flamboyant entrances when she hosts the reality TV show The Island of Loveand the fart of checkmark went viral by Michel Barrette in the series Le bonheur.

The 37th Gémeaux Awards gala continues until 10 p.m. live on ICI TÉLÉ. This is the second season of It’s How I Love You and Florence Longpré's drama series Audrey Returned dominating the competition this year. Discover the finalists and winners here.

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