Victim, head up

The victims had all kinds of faces, Sunday to “Everyone talks about it”. Although he knew that giving a full-on television interview was a risk, Donald Duguay was very solid, never hesitant, Sunday to “Everyone talks about it”. The only complainant whose information led to charges against Eric Salvail could not give any details about the events, but wanted to come out of the shadows, with his head held high. I give him the star of the match.

“I think you’re very brave,” said Dany Turcotte to the person who received La Presse’s dossier on Eric Salvail’s sexual misconduct as an electroshock. “Accepting yourself as a victim is very difficult,” he admits. Before, he was afraid to see the fans of the host attack him. “Now I’m not scared, I raised my head. I can not wait for the trial. “

He devotes his time to the “7 million Musketeers” initiative, a way of getting victims out of their silence, because “it is silence that kills”. Concrete example: a person attacked with a knife will speak of his aggression willingly at the office. Not a victim of domestic violence. “We are poorly equipped,” he says. Donald Duguay was shocked when he saw the four MPs advocating for the victims of sexual or domestic violence, “Everyone’s talking about it,” because their speech did not include men and minorities, who were also victims.

Very convincing, Lise Vadnais described the horrible death of her sister Christiane, killed by a pit bull. In her book Attention Dangerous Dog , she denounces the misinformation about what she does not consider an animal, but as a monster. She rages when she hears that there is no bad dog but bad masters, while the pit bull can attack without warning signs, and often his own master. She pleads for systematic sterilization, which would eventually lead to the disappearance of the breed. “Mrs. Plante put the dog before the human,” she says of the mayor of Montreal, who canceled the anti-pitbull settlement, initiated by the former administration.

In his latest film, Grace to God , François Ozon tackles pedophilia in the Church, based on true facts, the actions of Father Bernard Preynat, who reportedly killed more than 70 Scouts. Although he no longer has faith since adolescence, the French filmmaker says he does not attack religion with his film, but pedophile priests and those who protect them. Father Preynat recognized his pedophilia but remained protected by the Church, a fact that shocked the filmmaker. The priest’s lawyer wanted to delay the release of the film, which was denied, because “the freedom of creation is stronger in France, and the presumption of innocence had already been flouted,” thinks François Ozon .

After seven seasons, Unit 9 will stop forever on Tuesday on ICI Radio-Canada Télé. “I left people I loved,” explains Danielle Trottier when she talks about the writing of this grand finale. “What do not I want it to happen to me?” She wondered as she began writing this flagship series, for which she met a crowd of people in prison. Guylaine Tremblay about Marie Lamontagne. She understands why the author waited to allow Marie Lamontagne to make her grand confession. “It helped me understand the silence of women,” says the actress.

Reading that the author was killing Marie’s children, Guylaine Tremblay launched her lyrics in the car, shocked by such a cruel decision. But Danielle Trottier says she had no choice but to get her hero down so that she can go back and be reborn. About Sinorama, which she promoted and put under guardianship, she says “infinitely sad” about what happened. She claims to have tested three times rather than the product before advertising it. “For the rest, I think it is up to Sinorama to apologize,” she said, giving a final arrow to the columnist Nathalie Petrowski, who was virulent to him. In addition, Danielle Trottier revealed that the subject of her next series will be the transition from adolescence to adolescence.

The resurgence of measles, while believed to have been eradicated, rings the alarm on opponents of vaccination. Olivier Bernard fears to see a public figure like Angela Price, wife of Carey Price, play influential to promote alternative vaccination, a method criticized by pediatricians. “This alternative schedule puts children in danger,” warns the “pharmachien”. “Vaccines work so well that we can not see the benefits anymore,” says Caroline Quach, a pediatric microbiologist-infectiologist at CHU Sainte-Justine. Disinformation unfortunately has its effect. “There is money to be made in there,” recalls Olivier Bernard, about anti-vaccine lobbies.

The “pharmachian” is still protesting to see homeopathic remedies on the shelf, which Health Canada should no longer allow, he said. Victim of bullying after questioning the effectiveness of vitamin C injections in cancer treatment, he chose to take a break from this debate, leaving other professionals to comment on the issue.

The wine was released just in time for Les Grandes Crues, Eve Cote and Marie-Lyne Joncas, who have already sold 65,000 tickets sold. Their show also begins to interest the guys, who realized that “it was full of single girls,” joked Marie-Lyne. “One is a cat and a dog,” acknowledged Eve, speaking of the mismatched duo, “not supposed to love each other,” says his colleague. “Where are we going with this? What’s going to be in 10 years? “Asks Marie-Lyne about the pictures of naked girls on social networks, which serve as role models for young people. Her comment on Instagram on the issue that has raised debate, and that’s good, she believes.

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