Victim of “renoviction”, Vintage Parc will close its doors

Victim of “renoviction”, Vintage Parc will close its doors

It’s the end for Vintage Parc. This Mile End store, which says it is a victim of “renoviction”, is about to sell its latest pieces. The business has been offering furniture and repair services for 28 years. But it will have to close its doors on September 1st.

The owner of the building would have asked the store to free up the space, so that renovation work could be carried out.

“After 28 years, Vintage Parc is closing its doors on September 1, 2023 for renovation. Thank you for all your support over the years. This is our last closing sale,” the trade announced, via a post on its Facebook page.

The team thanked its customers for their support “over the years” and invited them to enter the last chance to get a unique vintage piece, before the fateful date.

A moving video, serving as the end credits, was also produced and relayed on TikTok by traders. This allows Internet users to virtually enter the store and see what kinds of products are available. We can see, pell-mell, furniture, an old radio, second-hand vinyl records… As many objects as it is possible to buy at 4872 Avenue du Parc.


closing sale the whole summer at avenue du parc! #mtl #furniture #vintage

♬ Little Things – Adrian Berenguer

“If you've been looking for the perfect vintage piece, now is the time!” says Vintage Parc.

In the comments section on Facebook, some netizens reacted to the closure announcement. “That's where I bought my furniture for my first apartment,” one user recalled.

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