Victory against Ottawa, the Capitals don’t stop believing

Victoire contre Ottawa, les Capitales n’arrêtent pas d’y croire

Staylor Hernandez had two hits in four at bat to face the Champions on Wednesday. He has also scored a point and made it produce a.

August 21, 2019 23h16


Victory against Ottawa, the Capitals don’t stop believing

Victoire contre Ottawa, les Capitales n’arrêtent pas d’y croire

Ian Bussières

The Sun


A single from Corey Bass has allowed two points to score and broke a tie 4 to 4 in the sixth inning Wednesday night at the Stadium Canac en route to a victory of 11 to 4 of the Capitals of Quebec on the Champions of Ottawa.

The Boulders in Rockland, the team that the Champions and the Capitals have been on the hunt for a place in the series, however, have also won their game on Wednesday. The evening leaves the Champions with five games of the series and the Capitals of the six with eleven parties only the regular calendar.

In spite of everything, the room Don’t Stop Believin’ the group’s Journey resonated in the locker room of the winners after the victory. The players of the Capitals and their manager Patrick Scalabrini believe in it still. “I think that this will be the ritual from that night”, has dropped the manager.

For his part, the manager of Champions Sebastien Boucher was a little less smiling. “We don’t hit, it has not launched well. But despite this defeat, it will still be 100 % committed to win every night.”


The sure Bass and simple from a point of Connor Panas and TJ White in the seventh were built ahead of the Caps.

The premises were then taken advantage of the largesse of the levator Evan Rutckyj and Kida de la Cruz to rack up the points. Panas finished the evening with 3 in 5 and three rbis, Yordan Manduley with 2 by 4 and three rbi and White with a 2 in 5 and two rbis.

“I would have loved to have this attack all year round. Their starting Danny Garcia we had largely dominated before, but it was just the opposite tonight,” said Scalabrini, who pointed out the sure expedient of Bass and the big event of Panas.

A double of a point of White, a simple point of Stayler Hernandez and a triple of two points Manduley had given priority to four points in the Caps in the second round.

Richardson, limited to five rounds

In the sixth, reliever Sean Cruz, however, was come to screw up all the beautiful work done by the departing David Richardson, who had shut out the Champions for five innings, allowing a hit and a base on balls.

Cruz was first granted a triple to Adron Chambers as Malik Collymore was on the second cushion, and then a circuit of two points to Steve Brown to reduce the gap to a single point.

The outpouring of generosity of the right-handed native of the island of Guam continued when he gave a double to Jiandido Tromp, made a bad throw that allowed him to achieve the third goal, and then crossing the marble to match the score on a ball, the sacrifice of Leonardo Reginatto.

“Ideally, I would have kept Richardson on the mound in the sixth, but it was operated there is less than a year and has done a few stints on the injured list since. It wants to protect its arms and it will also be limited to five innings in his last two starts of the season,” said Scalabrini.

NOTES : The fielder the right of the Champions, Adron Chambers, moved to the IronPigs of LeHigh Valley, the subsidiary AAA Philadelphia Phillies, last year. He had previously played almost 100 games in the majors from 2011 to 2013 with the Cardinals of St. Louis, participating in their march to the world Series in 2011… The Miners of Sussex County seem determined to defend their title : they are coming to put under contract the player infielder C. J. Retherford, who had evolved in the atlantic League and in Mexico this year, hitting .350 with five circuits 80 at bat with the Piratas de Campeche… The Jackals in New Jersey have released former Capitals Rylan Sandoval. The Californian has played in ten games in the uniform of the Jackals, four more than with the Caps…

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