Violent storms: more than 132,000 customers still without electricity

Violent thunderstorms: more than 132,000 customers still without electricity

Some 132,816 Hydro-Quebec customers were still without power on Tuesday morning, due to violent storms that have affected Quebec in recent days.

Regions the most affected are: the Laurentians with 72,975 customers without power, Lanaudière with 33,259 cuts and the Outaouais with 25,799 homes without electricity.

According to yesterday's latest report, 60% of customers had found power across Quebec. Nearly 600 teams were deployed in the field, indicated the state company via Twitter.

“It is impossible to give specific recovery times for the remaining affected clients. Some of the interruptions that persist are likely to take a little longer, due to difficult access conditions, significant damage to the network, objects caught in the lines and the extent of the damage to be collected”, specified Hydro- Quebec on its Facebook page, reminding that the population should not approach the wires on the ground for safety reasons.

Quebec and Ontario were swept by strong storms which caused significant damage. Ten people lost their lives, including one in Quebec.

According to the latest report from Environment Canada, no alert is in effect this morning across Quebec.

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