Wait in uncertainty

Wait in uncertainty

Lisa Pometti followed her courses at the Université de Sherbrooke remotely from France.

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Lilia Gaulin La Tribune SHERBROOKE – Lisa Pometti, a master's student in mechanical engineering at the University of Sherbrooke, had to wait several months to obtain all the necessary documents in order to come and study in La Belle Province.

Obtaining the certification of acceptance of Quebec (CAQ) and the study permit are a road filled with uncertainty for international students, especially in times of pandemic.

Ms. Pometti was in Sherbrooke when she applied for her study permit last July. A long process followed. She had to return to France to take her biometric data, to meet government requirements, as the Service Canada Centers were closed due to COVID-19. “I had to return to France to take the data knowing full well that I could not return to Quebec, since the borders were closed,” notes the student.

The young woman is doing a master's degree in research. “I started remotely since August 31st. As I don't have a lot of classes, I can arrange myself. I'm lucky, because my classes are in the morning in Sherbrooke, so the afternoon in France. On the other hand, for all those who have afternoon lessons in Quebec, well it's late at night here. I think there are students who are in much more difficult positions than I am, ”she explains humbly.

According to Ms. Pometti, UdeS ensured good follow-up with international students. “I think the university gave us enough warning. I received an email if I remember correctly in July telling us that the courses were going to be remote. If I compare with France, no one knew what was going to happen during the summer. The Université de Sherbrooke seemed fairly well organized and it supervised us. “

Poor communication

Communication between international students and Canadian and Quebec government authorities is complex. ” It's very difficult. In fact, I didn't even try to find out, because in fact no one can give the information. In early October, there was a press conference announcing that the borders would reopen for international students on October 20. Before this press conference, we had no information about when they would reopen. However, I am not denouncing the situation, because students are privileged over workers at the moment. I consider myself lucky to be able to come and study in Quebec, ”she recalls.

The evening before meeting with La Tribune , the young woman received the long-awaited letter with a view to obtaining her study permit after several months of waiting. She will fly next Sunday to Quebec. She will have to do a quarantine of two weeks upon arrival.

“There are people who applied before me and still haven't received their letter. It's very special. You cannot know when you are going to receive it. So you can't plan your trip. As soon as you receive it, you can leave, ”she concludes.

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