Wave of thefts in the marshes of Saint-François

Vague de vols au marais Saint-François

Visitors to the marais Réal-D.-Carbonneau had a bad surprise after their hiking in the woods. Since the 7 may windows of approximately ten vehicles were full of potholes and citizens have made clear their car of the thieves still remain at large.

“I have lived something a little frustrating and I’m not the only one who has suffered the same fate, told a victim on Facebook. I was stationed in the marshes of St. Francis before going for a walk in the trails around 11: 25. I left my car for about four minutes before going to look for a sweater and this is the result ! Window smashed and nothing left in my vehicle. I turn around and the car next to me suffered the same fate. Once the police arrived, another lady comes and tells me that she has made a home break-in at the swamp on Monday afternoon ! “

The SPS survey

Currently, the officers of the SPS to monitor more frequently the parks of this area, ” says the spokesperson for the organization, Isabelle Gendron. “The guards are more alert since a man is arrested in underwear. […] We’re asking people to call us if they see suspicious behavior, and not just inside the park. It can also be in the parking spaces. Is this is a group of young people ? An individual ? Is this the bait of the gain, because it is easy ? It happens usually during the day, so we do not expect that either of the teenagers. It is in areas remote, so you can’t be there consistently. There, it is known that operations will take place “, she says.

In addition, people should exercise caution. “It is necessary to take additional measures. When you come and you go put your bag in the suitcase, there may be someone who saw you do it. You’re better to do it before you leave or hang around your things with you. It is a crime of opportunity. It’s like that in all of the spaces in parking lot “, she said.

The key word for Isabelle Gendron : vigilance. “With the heat, people are going to maybe go to walk more in the parks. Lock your doors, don’t leave your doors ajar, hide your valuables before leaving the house in the suitcase, ” says Ms. Gendron.

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