We found the solution to (really) succeed in reducing your meat consumption

We found the solution to (really) succeed in reducing your meat consumption

You can succeed in reducing your meat consumption by half by carefully monitoring their daily food intake.

You can halve your meat consumption in the space of nine weeks. How? 'Or' What? Just like with a diet that consists of scrupulously recording your caloric intake for the day, you just have to follow the same strategy to ingest less steak. Science says so! 

There are various reasons to be motivated to reduce meat consumption. This can be for health reasons, but also to lose weight, or to participate in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions generated by the meat industry. However, we generally tend to underestimate the quantity of steaks, hams and other chicken breasts that we devour. This is the conclusion of a study conducted by scientists from a working group dedicated to the environment and health at the University of Oxford. 

According to the results, published in the European Journal of Nutrition and relayed by the newspaper The Guardian, you can manage to control the quantities of meat you consume by taking the time to list them on an app or a simple notebook. The researchers have indeed developed a website so that the consumers involved in this study can count all the times they have sat down around a plate containing a meat product. Note that only guinea pigs devouring meat at least five times a week were selected for the purposes of this research.

Those who were asked to list their consumption in the app managed to reduce the quantities of meat ingested by 57%, after only one month of testing. Others who had the same objective without having a digital aid also had success but over a longer period; their consumption was reduced by 47% after two months of effort. Either way, if you, too, would like to eat less meat for good, you should not only set a goal, but also keep track of your various meat intakes. 

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