We go to the cinema to see “Prayer for a lost mitten”

We're going to the movies to see & ldquo; Praying for a lost mitten & raquo;

“Prayer for a lost mitten” is a documentary by Jean-François Lesage.

Prayer for a Lost Mitts , which notably won the Best Canadian Feature Award at Hot Docs and the Special Jury Prize for the National Feature Film Competition at RIDM, finally takes the poster this Friday, December 10.

In this poetic tale-like documentary by Jean-François Lesage, the viewer is immediately drawn into winter with a simple, but magnificent, shot of flakes flying around somewhere in Montreal.

Passport, Opus card, glasses, handbag, toque … The filmmaker randomly introduces us to these bundled up city dwellers who follow one another at the STM's lost and found office in the hope of finding this object that is so dear to them. Contrary to any materialism, it is an extraordinary humanity that emerges from this daily life marked by loss in Prayer for a lost mitten .

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