We recommend the touching “Someone Immortal” podcast

We recommend l & rsquo; & eacute; moving podcast & ldquo; Someone & rsquo; immortal & rdquo;

One cannot help but be moved when listening to the three episodes of the Someone from Immortal podcast.

This is the story of Pauline, a 91-year-old grandmother at the end of her life in a CHSLD. This is the story of Camille Paré-Poirier, her 27-year-old granddaughter, actress, author and creator of this inspiring project.

It is above all the intimate and universal story of a a relationship full of tenderness and complicity that ends abruptly, in the midst of a pandemic.

By presenting recordings of her conversations with her grandmother, the young woman leads us to reflect on immortality, mourning, filiation and happiness.

The delicate and benevolent realization of Julien Morissette makes this sound documentary a magnificent work imbued with poetry.

Quelqu'une immortelle is a production of Transistor media. >

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