We watched “The Red Bracelets” in preview!

On watched & ldquo; The Red Bracelets & rsquo; preview!

Anthony Therrien and Audrey Roger in “The Red Bracelets”

Metro had access to the first two episodes of Red Bracelets , a series directed by Yan England. The new TVA fiction thus infiltrates the daily life of a gang of young people, all hospitalized.

It airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. for ten weeks, starting January 4.

The red bracelets , what are they?

The red bracelets is the adaptation of a Catalan series by co-scriptwriters Stéphanie Perrault and Michel Brouillette. We follow the story of the almost improbable friendship of seven teenagers. Aged 9 to 17, they stay in hospital to treat their illness but do not forget the challenges of life. “Each character has a secret,” promises Yan England.

Before an operation, everyone receives their red bracelet as a symbol of courage.

A luminous series

Intended for a family audience, Red bracelets is bathed in hope. The show is also loaded with humor. “There's a lot of light in the show,” says the director. I & rsquo; like the authentic approach of the scenario, with very present emotions. “

Despite a living environment in the hospital which can sometimes prove to be heavy, the young people are indeed determined to eat life to the fullest.

A solid cast

“The actors threw themselves body and soul into their roles. They are very dedicated, ”underlines Yan England.

Audrey Roger, Anthony Therrien, Noah Parker, Milya Corbeil Gauvreau, Malick Babin, Léanne Désilets and Étienne Galloy were, according to the filmmaker, “a great gang to bring together on the screen”.

Mental health in the hospital

While some have cancer or other physical ailments, mental health is also present in Red bracelets .

“My illness is invisible, but it & rsquo; s because we do not see it that it & rsquo; it is not there”, indicates Milya Corbeil Gauvreau who plays Lou. What then is the mental disorder that drove his character to the hospital? The team offers to watch the series to the end to find out & # 8230;

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