Wendake drama: the family “angry” with the system

Wendake drama: the family

Heartbroken, Émilie Arsenault spoke to the media on Sunday, about a month after the terrible murder of her boys Alex and Olivier.

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Judith Desmeules Le Soleil With her heart torn, Émilie Arsenault spoke to the media on Sunday, about a month after the terrible murder of her boys Alex and Olivier. “I still have pain, but if I decide to speak today, it's because in addition to the pain, I am very angry and I need to be heard. “

Photos showing the boys, all smiles with their mom, were installed on the tables during the press conference held in Quebec.

Émilie Arsenault, with all possible force, paid tribute to her “little stars”.

“Many will say that I was a mother, but I am and will remain a mother to infinity. It is not because he tore you away from me that that will change, ”breathed the 28-year-old mother.

“Know my loves that there is not an evening when I will not tuck you in as if I was still lucky to have you near me.” I keep telling you that I love you, adore you, for life to the madness my little pitties. “

Anger then took over. Émilie is angry with the DPJ, her former lawyer and all the people who did not listen to her when she expressed her concerns.

Olivier, 5, and his brother Alex, 2, were killed by their father on the night of October 10-11. Michaël Chicoine is accused of murder without premeditation.

She and Michaël have been separated for two years. The last time she asked her lawyer to fight for sole custody of her children was on October 8, two days before Michaël Chicoine committed the irreparable.

The lawyer told him that sole custody was not given just because one parent had concerns about the other.

“Our Quebec claims to have a child protection system. And me when I called on the DPJ to protect my own children, where was this protection system there? […] If you had listened, I might be lucky enough to enjoy Sunday with my children rather than mourn them today. ”

“I did everything I could, but I couldn't carry this on my shoulders on my own. I needed the system to support me and to be believed, ”she continued.

Émilie then listed other women and men who are today in the same basket as her: the ex of Martin Carpentier this summer, the ex of Patrick Desautels in 2012 or the ex of Guy Turcotte in 2009.

“There is not a specialist who has not asked me the following question: do you fear for the lives of your children? Can anyone blame me for answering: I can't believe he would pick on his own children? I was wrong.”

Wendake drama: the family

Jean-Guy and Émilie Arsenault, with Alex and Olivier Le Soleil, Patrice Laroche

Several ongoing investigations

Before the press conference, the drama already seemed to be part of a context of tearing between parents. The day after the discovery of the two victims, the maternal grandfather of the little ones wrote a heart-wrenching message on Facebook, indicating that his daughter “made every effort with the DPJ and family law for him [speaking of Chicoine]) remove custody of children ”.

Jean-Guy Arsenault, Alex and Olivier's grandpa, was present at the press conference on Sunday, alongside his daughter. In turn, he lamented the mismanagement of the system and the lack of help.

“It's really painful to live with such memories day after day. I tried the best I could to protect my grandchildren. […] As regards the system, I am speaking to you, Mr. Legault, because I believe it is time to wake up and get things done, ”he said.

The Minister responsible for the Directorate of Youth Protection (DPJ), Lionel Carmant, confirmed that three reports had not been retained in the file of this family. The government of Quebec therefore ordered an external investigation into the actions taken by the DPJ of the Capitale-Nationale.

“Instead of investing $ 100 million in mental health to add to all this bureaucracy, it might be time to clean up and do a real job. I receive a lot of emails from parents who are in the same situation. We need more competent people in the field, and not in the offices, ”added Jean-Guy Arsenault.

The days following the tragedy, the mother of the accused, Mylène Chicoine, also spoke in a letter sent to the media. She expressed all her suffering, but also highlighted the problems of major depression of her son, as well as the lack of available help, according to her.

Wendake drama: the family

Émilie, with Alex and Olivier Le Soleil, Patrice Laroche

Trial in 2021

As the trial of Michaël Chicoine is expected for the year 2021, Émilie and Jean-Guy Arsenault could not answer any questions, they will probably be called to testify.

No comment was made regarding the mental health of the accused, as the aspect will be addressed during the trial.

Me Marc Bellemare defends the family in the whole case. He was able to reveal that Alex and Olivier's grandfather had not been considered a victim by the Compensation for Victims of Crime (IVAC).

“This is hypocrisy to the cube. You have the Deputy Prime Minister who says that we are going to take care of the victims, that we are going to be there for the victims. Same thing in Old Quebec with [the attacks] with the sword. We have resources for you… They don't even recognize the victims. It is a scandal. Beyond words, we have to take action, ”says Bellemare.

Wendake drama: the family

Jean-Guy Arsenault, Alex and Olivier's grandpa, was present at the press conference on Sunday, alongside his daughter. The Sun, Patrice Laroche

On the morning of the tragedy, Jean-Guy Arsenault went to the scene of the crime. He had before his eyes the police, the agents, the police cars, the ambulances. He keeps his memories in mind every day and has nightmares at night. Mr. Arsenault has been off work since the murder of his grandchildren, and he cannot receive compensation.

Émilie has been recognized as a victim of crime.

The lawyer believes that child protection services should operate like the police. “When you have a problem, they show up to you,” he illustrates. “No voicemail, no waiting list.”

In terms of suing, the family and Me Bellemare are not there.

“It is still early. We are following events very closely, it is not excluded, but it is too early. We have 3 years to do so. If there is material for prosecution, we will not hesitate to do so, ”he indicates.

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