What are the professions to have a beautiful skin?

What are the mé third to have beautiful skin?

Working can damage the health of your skin. But not all industries have the same effect. According to a study conducted by a British cosmetics brand, sports and leisure professionals are the best off. On the other hand, people working in the pharmaceutical industry or construction must pay more attention to their skin. 

Did you know? Your job can impact the health of your skin. Beauty Pie has measured the effects of working life on the epidermis and published a ranking on its website.

To do this, the specialists interviewed 3,000 people working in 15 different industries and determined 18 of the most common “skin stress” factors likely to impact the skin. We find for example “working in front of a computer screen, wearing a mask, high stress levels and exposure to extreme temperatures”, lists the study. The responses were used to create a “skin stress score” by occupation, scored out of 100. The higher the score, the more adverse effects the job may have on the skin.

For beautiful skin, work in sport-leisure

Sports and leisure professionals are those who register the least “skin stress”. They total a score of 34 out of 100. “The study shows that people working in this sector rarely work late, do not feel stressed or rarely eat unhealthy food at work,” explains the study. Next come occupations in the education sector with a score of 38, then law with 41. 

At the foot of the podium, we find health professionals with a score of 42 out of 100. Specialists list three factors directly impacting the skin of nurses and doctors: long days, fatigue at work and lunch breaks, often missed. . 

Pharmacy industry in last place

On the other side of the ranking are scientific, pharmaceutical, construction and energy industry.

Construction professionals, second to last with a score of 70, “are likely to experience itching and irritation due to their exposure to extreme weather conditions”, specify the specialists. What's more, “wearing masks can also lead to breakouts and acne.” 

The pharmaceutical industry comes in last place with a score of 74. Experts say that the employees in this category work late hours and frequently work nights, “which can lead to sleep deprivation which can worsen dark circles under the eyes and make the area puffy and swollen.” Their place of work is also singled out. Either the professionals work in air-conditioned places, which can dry out or irritate the skin, or they are outdoors and subjected to extreme temperatures in winter and summer, causing premature aging of the skin. 

*Survey conducted by Censuswide  from 3,000 UK respondents aged 16+.

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