What will happen to the university districts?

What will happen to the university districts?

“We keep our fingers crossed” in Lennoxville so that the red zone and the departure of certain students in their respective regions do not affect local businesses too severely.

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Sabrina Lavoie La Tribune Difficult for all Sherbrooke merchants to absorb the effect of passing through the red zone. If we add to this the departure of a good number of students to their respective regions, what happens to the university districts? “We are crossing our fingers,” replied Paul Gingues and Claude Charron, councilors for the University and Lennoxville districts.

“It is still too early to analyze the situation, but obviously several elements mean that businesses may be more affected by the situation,” agrees Mr. Gingues.

Among these, the University District Councilor already notes the 30% drop in international students compared to last year. He adds that nearly 30,000 students contribute each year to the sector's economy.

“Will they attend their classes from their rooming houses?” Will they return to their region? Difficult to predict for now. “

For his part, Mr. Charron mentions that some businesses have been more severely affected in the Lennoxville borough since the start of the school year. According to him, the catering industry, bars, accommodation and the travel industry are more difficult to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The traders are worried, it's normal. We are very dependent on students. He also specifies that the flower business, located in the heart of Lennoxville for more than 30 years, has not reopened its doors after the period of confinement last spring.

However, he adds that other businesses, such as Clarke & Fils, are more spared by the current crisis. “Business is going relatively well at this general store, as customers arrive from everywhere and come to pick up specific items. The businesses more frequented by young people are not so lucky ”.

Let us think in particular of the fast food shops, the Brûlerie de Café or the Golden Lion Pub.

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