What would make you go back to the subway? The STM wants to know

What would make you go back to the metro? The STM wants to know

While Quebec is lifting health measures one by one, the Société de Transports de Montréal (STM) is launching a campaign to bring its customers back to public transport and support them in their preparations for a return to bus, metro and paratransit after two years of the pandemic.

Currently, ridership in the regular STM network is 59% compared to a similar period before the pandemic. 

More specifically, metro users are back at 56%, while those on buses are at 61% of pre-pandemic levels. As for ridership in the paratransit network, it is at 66%. 

As was the case last month, the STM estimates that ridership should reach 75% at 85 % of pre-pandemic level in fall.

The chairman of the STM board of directors, Éric Alan Caldwell, recalls that the pandemic has had a major impact on ridership at the STM. “Thus, the gradual return to normal life, with the lifting of sanitary measures, combined with the rise in the cost of living and prices, constitute the opportune moment to relaunch public transit and recall its importance in facilitating travel in Montreal. “, he said. 

“We are reconnecting”

In order to continue this momentum, the STM encourages users to “reconnect” with their transport network through a campaign launched today for an eight-week period.

With the “On se reconnecte” campaign, the STM argues that the best way to reconnect with friends, colleagues or loved ones is with the metro and the bus. 

Divided into three components, the campaign “is based on a 360 approach to meet the different needs of customers, employees, large employers and generators of travel,” it says. 

Second campaign launched by the government

On Friday, the Quebec government also launched an awareness campaign aimed at getting people back on public transit. 

Called “[Re ]get on board your public transport”, it highlights passengers who underline the advantages that each of them derives from public transport.

The campaign is deployed on television, radio, on road signs and on the Web, in the regions of Montreal and Quebec, as well as in the cities of Sherbrooke, Gatineau, Trois-R ivières and Saguenay.

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