What you searched for on Google in 2021!

This that you searched for on Google in 2021!

What better way to look back on the year that ends than looking at what have been the most popular Google searches over the past 12 months? The research data of Quebeckers and Canadians was revealed this morning. Let's take a look at what stands out!

COVID-19, always!

Obviously, with the pandemic not yet behind us, it's no surprise that this topic has been Googled to the bone this year. However, if in 2020, research mainly revolved around the number of cases, in 2021, we are more in solution mode with research focusing more on the places where to be vaccinated (number one research in Quebec!) Or on the way to get vaccinated. '' get your vaccination passport.

In Quebec, we trippe on sport

In second position for the most googled & nbsp ;: NHL (the National Hockey League). Year in and year out, this subject is always a must. However, with the Montreal Canadiens reaching the Stanley Cup final in June, the topic has been particularly popular this year.

Sport in general is a frequently researched topic. The Wimbledon tennis tournament, the Olympics and goalkeeper Carey Price all sit very high in the rankings.

TV and movies

A The television phenomenon stood out in particular: the South Korean series S quid Game. Even in Quebec, it was the most googled .

Otherwise, the Quebec population is visibly interested in reality TV while Double occupation in the West , L'île de l'Amour , Si on s'aimait and Big Brother Celebrities have attracted Internet users.

As for the cinema, it's the film < em> Dune of our most wanted national Denis Villeneuve.

Curiosity for bitcoins

Finally, a significant observation, the Quebecers were particularly interested in bitcoins this year. The sixth most asked question on Google is precisely how to buy it!

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