WHO calls for moratorium on booster dose of vaccine

 WHO calls for moratorium on booster dose of vaccine

The Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) calls for a moratorium on the administration of the 3rd dose of COVID-19 vaccine for healthy adults. At least until the end of the year 2021. He thus wishes to counter the persistent and deep inequalities which favor the emergence of new variants.

While many countries are far from reaching the level 40% vaccine coverage target by the end of 2021, other countries have vaccinated well above this threshold, already reaching children and implementing large booster vaccination programs . & nbsp;

Policy decisions on vaccine booster doses should be based on evidence of individual and public health benefits and obligations to ensure global equity in access to vaccines as a means of minimizing impacts on health and safety. transmission, and thus reduce the risk of variants and continuation of the pandemic.

Extract from the WHO Interim Statement on Booster Doses for COVID-19 Vaccination

According to the WHO, at least 126 countries around the world have already issued recommendations on giving a booster or additional dose and more than 120 countries have started implementing a program. & Nbsp; The majority of these countries are classified as high income or upper middle income countries. No low income country has yet established a vaccination program for the third dose. Many of these countries are primarily inoculating a third dose. first dose of vaccine to the population.

It should be remembered that the target populations most often given priority for booster doses are the elderly, health workers and the immunocompromised. & nbsp;

Vaccine injustice

According to the WHO, low-income countries have had much less access to immunization and they are faced with unpredictable and unpredictable supplies. irregular.

In Africa by e For example, only 7% of the population is fully immunized. As of September 2021, about 2% of the nearly six billion doses administered worldwide had been administered to Africa. Additionally, the continent produces less than 1% of all vaccines administered on the continent.

“Each country's policy decisions regarding vaccine booster doses must balance the public health benefits of their populations with support for global equity in access to vaccines,” WHO says.

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