Who decides the name of the dishes at L’Œufrier?

Who dé cide of the name of the dishes at LŒufrier? 

It's Pedro Medina, one of the CEOs of the franchise, who is the thinker behind the funky names of L'Œufrier's dishes.

Why order two eggs with potatoes when you can say “I'll take you 'I wish I was an artist' “? That’s what the thinker behind the funky names of L’Œufrier’s dishes thought to himself. Métro met him to finally bring this brunch poet out of the shadows. The relentless return of the Longueuil Cup»… By reading the menu of L'Œufrier, you may have already wondered, like us, where all these sometimes mysterious dish names come from.  

Well, contrary to what you might think, it's not the work of an advertising pro or a fanciful communications director, but rather that of Pedro Medina, one of the CEOs of the franchise. Formerly a banker, it was his passion for breakfast that led him to embark on the L'Œufrier adventure in 2008. 

To stand out from the competition, he then had the idea of ​​injecting his creativity into the restaurant's menu: “I come from the world of sales where you create an experience so that the customer remembers you, says he. So I told my two partners that we would have to create something different. »  

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Helped sometimes by his team, he strives to find an original name for each of the dishes on the menu. And if he is aware that his idea does not really help employees to memorize the some 140 dishes and beverages on the menu, Pedro nevertheless thinks that it is worth it to make his customers smile.  < /p>

Even if all the names have been found and the base is there, the author has not put his pen in a drawer. A few changes every four months still stimulate his imagination. 

The author, his life, his oeuvre 

Have you noticed that the name “Pedro” often comes up in the menu? It is no coincidence since the CEO was directly inspired by his life to name certain dishes. “, he admits proudly. In the category of grilled cheesewhich bear his name, we also find “Tony, Pedro and Kevin visit Spain”, Tony and Kevin being his two business partners at the head of L'Œufrier.   

Others are direct nods to franchisees or team members. “For example, “Alex Roi de St Henri” is our franchisee there, and “Peter walks his chiwawa in DDO” is another franchisee in Dollard-des-Ormeaux. Behind every name on the menu, there is a story,” he explains. “Quebec news and expressions,” he replies. But, also from his youth: “There are beverages in reference to Mitsou, Jean Leloup and Evan Joanness”, a singer of the 1980s who performed the song Rhum coco et ananas, three smoothie ingredients who carries his name. To plugger around your next blessed eggs! 

Among the personal pride of the ideator: the omelet “The chorizo ​​has changed my life”, the smoothie “The CAQ qui flex” and the poutine “Ménage à trois”, which always makes people smile, according to him.  

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