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&whose luck?

Caroline Décoste and Mathieu Charlebois behind the column Will you finish?

CHRONICLE – In 2022, it’s not by writing in the newspaper that you make yourself rich. Since we didn't understand anything about cryptocurrency (it’s like money… but even more fake than real money?), we decided to move on to the next plan: profit from misfortune people from the real estate and rental market. Here are our three dream properties; write to us for a visit or call us leeches! 

Rare on the market – hurry up, hurry up, cibolac! 

This triplex will already be sold before you finish reading the ad. Located in Ha-Ca, the nickname we're trying to make trenderto make Ahuntsic-Cartierville sexier, it is perfect for an owner who is passionate about renovations and who has three grandmothers to house as quickly as possible.  

Credit check, balance info on AccèsD , CV, portfolio of your family taken by Annie Leibovitz and prefaced biography by Oprah required to visit. The three units are currently rented, but you can bumper it dewors without embarrassment in a weekend.   

For amateur mycologists! 

This pretty house that looks quite ordinary from the looks of it! exterior actually contains enough mushrooms to supply your family with risotto for generations. The last occult ceremony in the basement was over a year ago and the walls are almost done oozing blood. 

Located in a very sought after area where high speed internet almost goes, this is a perfect project for weekend do-it-yourselfers (plan for three-day weekends) and people with more money. only judgment.  

WARNING: Visit the interior at your own risk! The guy who came in to take the photos died in a strange accident a few days later. -pressure-that-luck”>Nice New York loft-style slum during the Great Depression, who's lucky? 

Ideal for young professionals without ties and ideally without material possessions, this spacious 18 square foot bachelor apartment offers all the comforts of modern life (in 1713).  

Running water, bucket for washing and intermittent electricity (not included). Versatile space, perfect for working at home: the stove also serves as a desk. Access (locked with a chain) to a laundry room in the basement.  

Prohibited: cats, dogs, parakeets, goldfish, children, visitors, people who go to bed after 8 p.m., women with a scarf on the head, potential tenants with bizarre names. NC, NS, $2500 nothing included, first month's rent and option to buy on your firstborn due just to look into it.  

Call Gerard for info, unless you have an accent. 

To revel in even more of the humor of the duo behind Will you finish?, head to their website.

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