Who is the “Wax Queen” of Montreal?

Who is the “Wax Queen» of Montreal?  

Métro couldn't help but meet the beautician specializing in the complete waxing of the lip bikini, buttocks, the whole kit).

Ditch your depilatory (stripping) cream, and instead entrust the task to Gabriella Pomponi, aka the “Wax Queen” of Montreal, self-proclaimed queen of intimate area hair removal.

“Gabriella, you're the queen of wax!” his clients have been telling him for 18 years. It was therefore logical that her home salon founded in 2006 in LaSalle be named “The Wax Queen”.

Coming across this business with an evocative name, Métro couldn't help but meet the beautician specializing in full bikini hair removal (small lips, large lips, buttocks, the whole kit).

From coordinator to specialist 

Previously an event coordinator in the hotel industry, she changed careers after having her daughter. She was looking for a job that would allow her to get out of her home, while having time for her family.  

It was then that one of her friends told her that 'she was looking for someone to do hair removal and pedicures in her beauty salon: “OK, but I don't know anything about that?”, Gabriella replied, skeptical. Her friend, aware of this, offered to pay for her training in a school located in Saint-Hubert. She has accepted.

By working at the salon following her training, the new beautician fell in love with the field, for the contact with people. So she worked there part-time for two years.

One day, her friend added full bikini waxing to the treatment card. “Oh no, I don't do that,” Gabriella replied, embarrassed. And you read it earlier: it became his specialty.

When her friend closed her salon, Gabriella's clients asked her to continue practicing her profession. That's when she decided to open her own salon at home, 16 years ago. The woman, now 56, then transformed her basement into a beauty salon.

It was when her website went live about four months ago that she assumed the nickname “Wax Queen.” Her daughter had convinced her to have a presence on the Web and it is thanks to this that she was able to expand her clientele: “I am happy, because the people of LaSalle are starting to know me.”

Empathetic approach 

But does she deserve her crown? For her, it is clear that yes. “First, I like it, then I'm good. Usually, I never say I'm good, but I admit that I'm good at it.

The “Quebec and quality” products that she uses, her mastery of the technique and especially her empathetic approach allow, according to her, to outclass her hair removal service, which otherwise can be intimidating.

“Many clients have told me that they have had bad experiences: either that there were bruises, that they were bleeding, that it hurt so much that they said to stop . These women are traumatized,” laments the beautician.

It is by keeping in mind these painful moments that she adapted her approach. She takes the time to build relationships with her customers and is gentle: “They come back all the time […] I've never had someone tell me 'stop, no'”.


In addition to hair removal, Gabriella offers pedicures, but also a facial… for the private parts . The vagacial! 

But what is it? “Imagine a facial [but for the pubis]. It's the same concept.”

During the treatment, she cleanses the skin, uses a hot stone to open the pores, removes ingrown hairs, masks, exfoliates and creams the area. “I do this for people who have congestion. Let's say they've used the razor all their life, they have ingrown hairs a bit, it's not smooth, smooth,” says Gabriella.

The practice is not that frequent or routine. The Wax Queen lavishes vagacial only on damaged skin that really needs it.

Schedule of the show 

Monday to Friday : 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Saturday: 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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