“With a different eye”: making art differently

“D’un ”il différent”: making art differently

D'un œil different, the annual exhibition which presents multidisciplinary works by artists who living with or without an intellectual disability or autism, is back for its 18th edition which runs until March 26.

It is at the Écomusée du fier monde, in the Village, that you can observe (for free!) the work of more than 200 established or emerging artists who express themselves in several forms: paintings, sculptures, photos and installations. 

The event, which aims to promote the visibility and expression of these artists, brings together creations for all tastes.  

One thinks, among other things, of the portrait of the group Les trois accords made of wool and cotton by Julie Larocque-Allaire, of the touching painting Somewhere in the neighborhood by Dennis Tessier, with the abstract watercolor Rainbow by Bartholy Sanon and the fascinating charcoal lines of Murray Peraya for my father, directed by Suzanne Beaulieu.  

“A different “eye: doing art differently

The 3 agreements by Julie Larocque-Allaire

«D’un œil different”: making art differently

Rainbow by Bartholy Sanon

The event is co-chaired by artists Simon Marcotte-Tremblay and Fred Péloquin as well as actor Vincent-Guillaume Otis, who we know for his commitment to people with intellectual disabilities, like his brother. 

“I am honored to have been invited to come and celebrate the talent and effervescence of artists who deserve to be known and recognized,” he said in a press release. Art is a precious space for communication, sharing emotions and sensitivity, whatever our characteristics. The expression of our human condition is what really matters and for that, there are no limits!” 

“D’un ‘il différent» : faire art differently< /p>Actor Vincent-Guillaume Otis, Courtesy of RuGicomm

“A “a different ”eye: making art differently

Fred Péloquin and Simon Marcotte-Tremblay, Courtesy of RuGicomm

< strong>Price: Free 

Where: At the Écomusée du fier monde (2050 rue Atateken, Montreal) 

< /p>

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