With his first “one man show”, Renzel Dashington introduces his scathing humor

With his first «one man show

Renzel Dashington

As “44-year-old single man”, comedian Renzel Dashington believes he has many stories to tell. After a first life in show-business, the former artist manager of Corneille presents his first one man show, which is an introduction to his style of acerbic and scathing humor.

Known more recently for his committed stances and humorous videos on social media, Renzel Dashington has been “preciously knitting” his show titled Yo, the bailles are f*cked up (YLBSF) since now. five years.

However, the one who describes himself as a “black Louis-José Houde” stresses, however, that his one man show has nothing to do with the rants to which he has accustomed 29,000 subscribers on the Internet. 

“What you see of me on social media, generally speaking, is something I thought of in less than five minutes,” he explains. I'm famous on the internet for a lot of reasons, but I'm a real stand-up.”

To build this first solo show, the Montrealer of Haitian origin was inspired by anecdotes from his daily life. Having “lived many lives”, Renzel Dashington opines that he has a lot to tell. 

Indeed, the true jack-of-all-trades first began his career in show business20 years ago as a promoter of special events in clubs. He was even one of the original creators of Beachclub. As an artist manager, producer and publisher, he has also worked with Corneille, Gage, Barnev Valsaint (Céline Dion) and Pierre-Luc Rioux (David Guetta).

On his X with humor

It was only five years ago, when he celebrated his 40th birthday, that Renzel Dashington took the stage for the first time to present jokes as a comedian.

“It was awful, awful, awful. […] But I had a big laugh and that big laugh, I chased [chased] for a long time. I stuck to it. It confirmed that I was in my place”, he recalls.

From 2017, the one who has never made the School of humor dreams of make a career. The ex-producer then tries his luck in the industry, not without effort, while supporting the project Les Bad Boys du rire, evenings of humor with North African, Arab, Haitian and African flavors.

“We had difficulty confirming spaces, because there is a kind of unwritten rule in the profession that 'there is only one Black per show», he laments in particular. 

If he claims to have never believed that humor would have a such an important place in his life, Renzel Dashington is delighted today to be able to make it his job.

“Honestly, what makes me proudest is being able to say that I don't comfortably live off humor, but I live off humor,” he says. < /p>

A “50% substance and 50% ratchet” show

However, he mentions that his show is also not a story of his life in as such. His goal is to elicit a laugh every 15 seconds, no less.

“I want you to leave with tight abs.It’s not about my life. I am a humor athlete,” he says.

Yo, yawns are f*cked up, it's more like “an introduction” to who he is, his humorous tone and style.

“My delirium is 50% substance and 50% ratchet. If you're too stuck in your shoes, don't come to us. Then, if you want things to go too far, don't come to us either,” he warns.

Indeed, through humor that is sometimes shocking but always de-dramatizing, he tackles subjects that affect him, such as the satire of racial tensions or single life. Nothing and no one escapes it. 

Performing at the Ausgang on May 26, Renzel Dashington confided to his audience that he had refused to change one of his numbers to participate in the show < em>The Next Stand-Up, in which up-and-coming comedians go through a series of comedic onstage clashes. It seems that one of his jokes, which involves a homeless man who uttered racial slurs to the comedian, did not please the producers of the show broadcast on Noovo. 

But that did not stop Renzel Dashington in his humorous quest. Since last year, he has presented his one man show everywhere, notably in Paris, where he gave 27 performances in 14 days. 

This summer, he is back in Montreal for several show dates, including one on July 3 at Le Ministère hall. Tickets are on sale here.

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