With “his intelligence”, Lavoie committed his crimes, says the pursuit

“He is armed with his intelligence, his experience and his training that he was able to commit the crimes he is accused of.”

The lawsuit strongly opposes the conditional release of Sherbrooke psychologist Étienne Lavoie who is accused of procuring and various other sexual crimes against three alleged victims.

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Six other complainants have come forward since the charges were laid in mid-February.

The 47-year-old will know, on Friday, if he can regain his freedom.

Étienne Lavoie’s release investigation ended on Thursday at the Sherbrooke courthouse before Judge Conrad Chapdelaine of the Court of Quebec.

Criminal Attorney Marie-Ève ​​Phaneuf mentioned that there was a reverse onus of proof which means that it is up to the accused to show that he does not represent a danger if he is released.

If she objects for all the reasons in the Criminal Code, it is particularly for the safety of the alleged victims, the new complainants, the witnesses and the public that Ms. Phaneuf argued that the accused must remain in custody.

“The exploitation of vulnerable people characterizes each and every one of the charges. The three victims mentioned that he used his skills to build confidence and quickly changed his attitude, especially to dominate them. The violence goes well beyond that intrinsic to the charges. There was both physical and psychological violence, “says Phaneuf.

The prosecution recalls that the accused’s degree of participation in the charges is entire and that the evidence demonstrates that he was using hard drugs on a daily basis.

“Monsieur Lavoie is not a poor victim without resources and with limited intelligence. Mr. has a background, an understanding of human nature and an understanding of the ravages of drugs and prostitution. You are dealing with a manipulator and a liar. He totally disrespects the rules. He did not keep his promise after his first arrest. It is someone who shows a lack of respect towards others and society, “believes Me Phaneuf.

“The complainants are afraid of him. ”
– Marie-Eve Phaneuf

She recalls that Lavoie persists in denigrating and despising the victims.

“The complainants are afraid of him. Beyond these complainants, there are six new complainants and witnesses. These are people who want to forbid contacts and who are afraid of Étienne Lavoie. The danger is not diminished if he is at liberty and goes to the center Jean-Patrice Chiasson. The clienteles have the same vulnerabilities as the victims and all the women that Mr. Lavoie has exploited. His training and experience represent a danger for vulnerable customers, “pleaded Marie-Eve Phaneuf.

New information was disclosed Thursday morning to the Sherbrooke Police Service regarding the accused’s use of drugs.

A person familiar with the consumption of drugs Lavoie contests the duration of 15 years that he remained sober.

Lavoie, defended by Christian Raymond, reportedly made three victims of women of age and vulnerability, between January 2018 and February 2019, and some crimes allegedly committed at his workplace.

Last week, Lavoie was suspended by the Ordre des psychologues du Québec. This renewable suspension is effective for a period of 120 days.

He has a criminal record of theft, threats, obstruction of police work and possession of crack. He had been sentenced to 26 days in jail on weekends in February 2018.

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