With the death of Michel Théoret, UdeS loses a great intellectual

With the death of Michel Théoret, UdeS loses a great intellectual

Professor Michel Théoret died on October 30 at the age of 78.

Share November 9, 2020 6:45 a.m. Share With the death of Michel Théoret, UdeS loses a great intellectualWith the death of Michel Théoret, UdeS loses a great intellectual

Alain Goupil La Tribune Sherbrooke – Professor Michel Théoret, who taught French to numerous journalists and communicators, died on October 30, at the age of 78.

Linguist and author of numerous books, Michel Théoret was attached to the Université de Sherbrooke for 35 years, including 15 years as director of the literature and communications department. He had been retired since the fall of 2003.

The vice-dean for teaching of the faculty of letters and human sciences, André Marquis, describes him as “a great intellectual”, who has managed the department with a masterful hand each time he has had to assume the direction. .

“He was a great unifier. When he was director, the literature and communications department was the largest on campus. It was not an easy boat to maneuver. But Michel was able to reframe things, to solve problems thanks to his qualities. He was a great humanist, a great teacher and a great intellectual. It is a heavy loss ”, emphasized Mr. Marquis.

Head of the arts section at La Tribune and linguistic columnist, Steve Bergeron was one of the students to whom Michel Théoret taught normative grammar. He also took a Latin language course with Mr. Théoret.

“For me, it confirmed many things, in particular that one could experience pleasure in dissecting the language, in trying to understand its mechanisms and structure, in knowing its history and its way through the centuries. With him, grammar wasn't just a dry and boring thing. He was a passionate linguist and it was very noticeable in his lessons.

“I then counted him among the readers of my column and he occasionally sent me comments or clarifications. You could say he's one of my mentors. “

Author and collaborator of several books, Michel Théoret notably gave his name to the Grammar of current French: for the college and university levels, published in 1991, in collaboration with André Mareuil.

He was a founding member of the Center for Interuniversity Research on French in Use in Quebec (CRIFUQ) along with Normand Beauchemin, Pierre Martel and Jean-Marcel Léard.

He contributed to the establishment and development of the Usito dictionary, produced under the editorial direction of Hélène Cajolet-Laganière and Pierre Martel.

In 1999, he published, with these same two colleagues, Borrowings criticized from English: a linguistic fact to evaluate.

Given the circumstances surrounding the pandemic, a ceremony in his honor will be held in complete privacy on an as yet undetermined date.

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