Wordle, what is the ultra viral game buzzer?

Wordle, c & rsquo ; what's the ultra viral gaming buzz?

Everyone has only been talking about Wordle for a few days. Its simple and fun concept between Tetris and Scrabble attracts players of all ages and unlike the majority of games on the App Store, the creator does not wish to monetize his work.

Wordle? Does it ring a bell ? Well that's normal! This online game is enjoying explosive success on social networks and particularly in the United States. The concept ? Thanks to the 5 letters given to you by the game, you have to find the expected word. But be careful, you will only have six tries to achieve this. When a letter is in the right place, it appears in green.

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Not addiction risk, because you can only play once a day! If you get it wrong, you'll have to wait until the next day.

Another special feature of this game is that it was not designed to generate money, but just as a simple distraction, according to its designer Josh Wardle. No advertising or the possibility of paying to continue. This is what Mr. Wardle, a computer engineer at the Reddit Forum, originally created to entertain his spouse and loved ones during lockdowns linked to the COVID-19 pandemic. Aww!

Be careful though, many similar applications are circulating on the App Store in an attempt to make money on Wordle & rsquo; s back.

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