Workers aged 14 to 16: an underestimated workforce

“Workers aged 14 to 16 are often a workforce underestimated by employers! You just have to take the time to do the selection process.

The direction of the IGA des Sources chain, which has six points of sale throughout the greater Québec City area under different banners, does not hesitate today to trust young workers. Especially, when we know that the unemployment rate in the territory is 3.9%.

In her ranks, she currently has about fifteen employees under the age of 16. This is a marginal number to compare to the 850 talents of the organization through its network. However, if one thinks of the longer term, it is an interesting and important succession for an organization.

“We have people who stay with us throughout their studies. They are sometimes children of other employees, “says the Sun General Director of IGA Sources, Jean-Nicolas Tremblay. “Will he get even more in the next few years? I do not know, but yes, it can help when the workforce is harder to find, “he continues. One element, and he does not hide it, that can forge a sense of belonging to an organization.

However, management wishes to point out that the priority remains studies. No question of skipping school to win greenbacks.

To hire a young person between the ages of 14 and 16, the employer must respect certain labor standards. For example, he can not work a teenager at night, between 11 pm on a given day and 6 am the next day, unless he is no longer required to attend school.

From the age of 14, for information, the management no longer needs to obtain the written authorization of one of the parents. At IGA des Sources, we still ask for a green light from a relative.

According to Mr. Tremblay, not all 14-year-olds are ready for the world of work. At IGA des Sources, they often hold positions as packers and clerks, including fruit and vegetables or bakery.

“There is a question of maturity and development hence the importance of the interview. There are sometimes young people who stand out and they are often very effective, “he says. “We are a family business. It’s interesting to see parents with their children, “he adds.

Less curriculum vitae

He concedes that there is less curriculum vitae on his desk than there could have been five years ago. He is pleased, however, that his organization currently seems to be spared by the lack of workers hitting the province. Its turnover rate is around 35%.

“It’s not a very high rate for the retail business. Is the climate for employment rosy? No, but it’s still good for us. We are located in areas or areas where there is a lot of development for young families, “he explains. “The reality is that we have trouble finding people to work 25 to 40 hours a week. Every time we have a good resume and a good meeting, today we are hiring, “continues the one who started in the field of food at the age of 16 years.

The curriculum vitae of retired people – they are currently more than thirty through the company network – are also welcome. “The market is really open to us from 14 to 75 years,” concludes the boss, with a touch of humor.

At Sobeys, the parent company of IGA, spokeswoman Anne-Hélène Lavoie told the Sun that the IGA chain Sources is one of the few across the organization to hire workers under 16 years. The company has no internal policy regarding this slice of workers.

According to a study published by Desjardins Group on Wednesday, nearly 120,000 jobs were vacant in Quebec in the third quarter of 2018, almost double that two years ago. In Quebec, the four sectors with more jobs to fill are manufacturing (18,105), accommodation and food (13,580), retail trade (13,430) and health care. (13,240).

According to Desjardins, in Quebec, “the salary for positions requiring a high school diploma is $ 16.65 per hour compared to $ 32.75 per hour for those with a bachelor’s degree”.

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