Yes, the corset is back in fashion

Yes, the corset is back in fashion

Get ready, 2022 will be the year of the corset.

Income between the dead in 2021 thanks to the growing influence of series on fashion, the corset could well rise to the rank of essential piece by 2022. Formerly considered restrictive for women, very far from the body positive and #MeToo movements, clothing now seems to make them happy, between emancipation and self-assertion.

It was at the court of Spain that the corset appeared for the very first time. And it is clear that his function had nothing to do with that attributed to him by women today. It was then a question of straightening the female bust, much more aesthetic it seems, quickly becoming an essential part of the aristocratic wardrobe. Binding too, although women were not aware of it at the time, but it offered that extra presence that high society could not neglect. & Nbsp;

It took decades for women, always more active, to get rid of it once and for all & # 8211; in any case that is what they thought & # 8211; freeing their body from these unnecessary shackles. Impossible to forget this scene from the movie Titanic where Rose (Kate Winslet) is manhandled by her own mother, annoyingly and roughly lacing up her corset to further refine her hourglass figure. Who would one day want to slip into this tyrannical accessory again?

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It only took one series & # 8211; and a style, the regencycore & # 8211; to revive the banned coin. Airing just over a year ago on Netflix, The Bridgertons Chronicle plunges us into high society under the English Regency at the start of the 19th century, once again emphasizing the corset. The effect was immediate, the historic romance fueling irreparably & # 8211; or almost & # 8211; research of the play of all misfortunes (of women). A month after the drama's release, global fashion research platform Lyst was seeing a 123% increase in searches for the category. A shame at a time when emancipation and assertiveness seemed to undermine injunctions and diktats in the fashion and beauty sectors.

But the phenomenon quickly ran out of steam, apparently anyway, very quickly relegating said piece to the rank of obsolete accessory, at best intended to decorate a daring disguise at costume parties. In real life, it was more about slimming down your waist, playing with lacings and lingerie, under or over clothing, than preventing women from breathing. Well, that was before the artistic directors of the biggest luxury houses in turn decided to propel the corset onto the catwalks. Fashion, this eternal restart…

The corset as a symbol of emancipation

It must be said that the year 2021 was marked by the & rsquo; ultimate & # 8211; for now & # 8211; deconfinement, offering (finally) the possibility for both men and women to indulge in all sartorial extravagance. Goodbye jogging, leggings, hoodies, and other slippers, make way for patterns, vibrant colors, and pieces to have fun with. And, oh surprise, the corset seems to have become that accessory that fulfills all expectations in terms of creativity and imagination. We saw it on the runways of the Spring-Summer 2022 catwalks, where the creators made the corset an iconic piece of the season. Weinsanto, Acne Studios, or even Mugler have all presented a revisited version, offering the possibility to the most prominent personalities on the planet to put it back in the light.

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But unlike what it referred to decades ago, the corset is now seen as a game, even a way to assert yourself, to emancipate yourself, and to showcase no longer a wasp waist but all body types. From Lourdes Leon to Saweetie via Halle Berry and Lizzo, all wear the corset wonderfully regardless of size, age, or social class. One way to put forward your self-confidence, and to thumb your nose at all the diktats that seem soft & # 8211; but surely & # 8211; shatter.

And that's not the emerging fairycore trend, between fairy-tale and grunge & # 8211; a union we would not necessarily have bet on & # 8211; which will put a stop to the phenomenon. The piece is an integral part of this fashionable style on TikTok and this time is worn on T-shirts, shirts, or blouses, thus playing on volumes. An aesthetic that could well make the corset the essential piece of this new year.

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