You can now walk on Wellington Street, voted the coolest in the world

You can now walk on Wellington Street, voted the coolest street in the world

The Promenade Wellington

Voted the coolest street in the world by the magazine Time Out, rue Wellington, located in Verdun, becomes pedestrian today between 6e Avenue and rue Regina, until September 8. However, the installation of urban amenities and the “embellishment” of the section will only take place from June 12.

Wellington Street, or the Well for short, is one of the one of Montreal's busiest shopping streets. Its pedestrianization is also carried out in collaboration with the SDC Wellington. There are cafes, restaurants and shops.

Drop-off points and access ramps have been set up on the various sections of Promenade Wellington to make it accessible to people with reduced mobility. The Well-O service and two tuk-tuks are also available to get around.

Pedestrian-bicycle cohabitation

This year, new initiatives are being implemented by the City of Montreal to improve the cohabitation between bicycles and pedestrians on the various streets closed to car traffic during the summer season.

Indeed, cyclists can ride there, but must ride slowly or get off their bike if there are many pedestrians in the street. They must also exercise caution and good citizenship, in addition to maintaining a safe distance. “The street belongs first to pedestrians and is not a traffic axis,” says one on the City's website.

Although it is preferable to get to Wellington on foot or by bike, parking lots are also available for people who choose to drive. They can use the Ethel multi-level parking lot, located between de l’Église and Hickson streets (access via Ethel street and pedestrian exit on Wellington street). In addition, another parking space is located at the corner of 3rd Avenue and Wellington Street, and a third is at the corner of Gordon and Wellington Streets.

At the announcement Following the return of the pedestrianization of Wellington Street last May, Verdun citizens had launched a petition for this axis to be pedestrianized throughout the year.

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