YouTuber Norman Thavaud arrested for rape and corruption of minors

Youtubeur Norman Thavaud arrested for rape and corruption of minors

Norman Thavaud.

The popular French youtuber Norman Thavaud of the channel “Norman makes videos” was arrested this Monday, December 5 in Paris for questioning on charges of rape and corruption of minors.

The youtuber is taken into custody. It is the brigade for the protection of minors which is leading the investigation.

These are six women who accuse the French public figure. Among them, two claim to have been minors at the time of the alleged facts.

Quebec victim

A Quebec fan, Maggie Desmarais, launched the first allegations against the youtubeur in 2020. She publicly accused him of having manipulated her to obtain photos and videos of a sexual nature, when she was 16 years old. Several similar testimonies followed regarding the 35-year-old content creator.

Maggie Desmarais had filed a complaint in Canada. According to Agence France-Presse, she is currently in France to be confronted with Norman Thavaud in front of the investigators.

Huge popularity

Having started the creation YouTube videos in the early 2010s, Norman Thavaud is considered a veteran of the industry. He is one of the most successful youtubers in the Francophonie. His YouTube channel has 12 million subscribers and his videos, according to an official count, have been viewed more than 2.7 billion times. 

The public has also been able to see it at work on stage during his comedy shows as well as during television and film appearances.

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